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Sa Coma

... is on the wonderful east coast of Majorca and is a modern holiday resort and very family-friendly. Sa Coma has an very much clarifyed miles long fine-sandy beach and some very nice bays. Between Sa Com and Cala Millor is the big nature reserve Punta de n'Amer with a restored castle. Here you can go for nice walks, jog or do horse riding. If you have reached the castle you have a dreamlike look over the sea and the east coast.

Cuevas de Arta in Canyamel

Here, pirates sought refuge earlier. The entrance of the caves, on the north-east side of the bath place Canyamel, lies 40 m above sea level. The biggest space of the cave is bigger than Palmas cathedral La Seu. To visit the cave, one must join a guided tour, the entry price amounts to approx. 9€.


Cuevas del Drach – The dragon's cave in Porto Cristo

Approx. 1.5 km to the south of Porto Cristo are the Coves del Drac –
a limestone cave system which is very interesting.. It is the biggest cave system on Majorca, with a length of 1700 m more than six subterranean lakes dispose. In 1896 the caves were discovered. The nicest and best known lake is of the Lago Martel, with his amusing light play. Interesting limestone formations let the visitors on the way by the caves be astonished over and over again. In the lake is a lecture hall for approx. 1100 visitors. Classical concerts take place on three boats, in the middle of the Lago Martel. The musicians, the surroundings, the light, they are wunderful, a rush for the senses.


Cuevas del Hams near Manacor

These caves are known for her subterranean lake and the tree-like grown formations. The caves became discovered in 1905 close to Manacor. An unforgettable light play is offered you.



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